Please Note:
1) Passport Advantage Express customers do not need to enroll. Visit the Passport Advantage program page for information on both programs and which one is right for your organization.

2) If you are a US Federal Government Client, this form does not apply. Please use the US Federal Government Enrollment Form.

This process enables you to become a Passport Advantage customer and take advantage of volume pricing. Enrollment Forms should be completed by both new customers enrolling in Passport Advantage, and current customers enrolling new sites under their existing Passport Advantage agreement.

You are about to enroll in the IBM Passport Advantage program. Prior to enrolling in Passport Advantage, you must sign in using your IBM registration user ID.

If you have an IBM registration user ID

Click "Sign in" and enter your IBM registration ID and password on the following page.

If you do not have an IBM registration user ID

Click "Sign in", then click the "register" link on the following page to begin the registration process. Your IBM registration user ID is your single point of access to IBM web applications that use IBM registration. One user ID and password will allow you to access any IBM registration based application. Once your registration has been accepted, you may complete your Passport Advantage enrollment. You will receive a "Welcome e-mail" when your enrollment has been processed.

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